General Documentation

At this place, we provide some pdf documents describing the usage of Secondo in general. Furthermore, some examples are shown, how to use Secondo. If you want to retrace these examples, install Secondo. How to do this, can be read here.

Note that starting with version 4.0.0, Secondo is natively capable of distributed query processing (running Secondo on many computers / multiple cores). This is explained in the second document.

Lecture Video

Here is a video of a lecture presented by Ralf Hartmut Güting on August 14, 2012, at the Summer School "Stuck in motion? Reconnecting questions and tools in movement ecology", Evenstad, Norway, August 2012.

The lecture (about 2 hrs duration) provides an introduction to the management of moving objects in databases to an audience of animal ecologists; it contains about one hour of practical demonstrations of the Secondo system and the querying and visualization of moving objects. The lecture is entitled "Calculations with Moving Objects in Databases" (streaming).

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