Installation on Ubuntu 12.04

For installing Secondo on Ubuntu 12.04, a few steps are needed. These are:
  1. Install Ubuntu 12_04 from an Installation medium to hard disk and start it.
  2. Download the file InstallSDK_Ubuntu_12_04.bash and store it into your home directory.
  3. Open a terminal.
  4. Execute the script: bash InstallSDK_Ubuntu_12_04.bash
    The script will ask for your password for installing the required tools.
    Alternatively, you can enter the lines of the script manually.
  5. Insert the following line at the end of the file $HOME/.bashrc
    source $HOME/.secondorc $HOME/secondo
  6. Download the latest Secondo version and unpack it.
  7. Close the terminal (exit) and open a new one.
  8. Go into directory $HOME/secondo and compile Secondo just by typing make
Last Changed: 2012-10-31