Secondo on Mac-OS Mojave: Installation Instructions

To be able to compile the Secondo database system, some tools and libraries must be installed. This document describes how to install all required tools.

Step 1: Installing xcode command line tools

If the xcode tools are already present, the gcc's version is printed out. Otherwise a window pops up. Just click on install.

Step 2: Installing Java-SDK

If the Java SDK is already installed, the java compiler's version is displayed. Otherwise a browser is opened showing Oracle's Java download page. Accept the licence, download the latest SDK for Max-OS and install it.

Step 3: Installing the Berkeley DB

Secondo uses the Berkeley-DB as a storage manager. Thus, an installation of this tool is required. Because of licensing issues, this library cannot be distributed together with Secondo.

Step 4: Installing SWI-Prolog

Step 5: Install further tools and set environments variables

Step 6: Compiling Secondo