Secondo on macOS Big Sur (11.0): Installation Instructions for ARM-CPUs (M1)

Please Note

Warning: The M1 Port of SECONDO is current under development. Some features might be unstable.

To be able to compile the Secondo database system, some tools and libraries must be installed. This document describes how to install all required tools.


Since macOS 10.15, macOS uses 'zsh' as the default shell. SECONDO uses some functions that are only available in the 'BASH' shell. Using zsh with Secondo can lead to some problems. Therefore, we recommend using the BASH as the default shell for the user that should work with SECONDO. The default shell can be set via command line by calling 'chsh -s /bin/bash' and re-login. As an alternative, the shell can be set in the system preferences under 'Users and Groups' → press the Ctrl key and click your user name → select 'Advanced Options' → 'Login Shell' → '/bin/bash' and re-login.

Fresh Installation

Step 1: Installing xcode command line tools

If the xcode tools are already present, the compiler version is printed out. Otherwise a window pops up. Just click on install.

Step 2: Install a M1 native Java SDK

Step 3: Install the Required Tools

Step 4: Install further tools and set environments variables

Step 5: Compiling Secondo


Please ensure that you have installed at least Xcode 12.2 and the Xcode 12.2 command line tools are active (see Xcode → Preferences → Locations → Command Line Tools).
To upgrade from a previous OS X / SDK version, please execute:

That is all, your Secondo SDK is successfully upgraded.
Last Changed: 2021-07-21 (JNI)